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Every musician's main dream is to simply be heard, and eventually from there be heard by the right people to make it in the industry. Well in this technological age there are more opportunities to become heard, grow with the ETA!
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Press Releases
Serious musicians, looking for serious exposure, need legitamate promotion. We've done the up front work making connections with the music industry leaders. We promote the best new emerging music through these connections.
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Emerging Radio
Through our partnership with MuzicNotez.com, we've created Emerging Talent Radio! With all the talent we've found throughout the world, and on the thousands of pages of MuzicNotez, we showcased our favorites.
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Stay connected with The Emerging Talent Agency to keep updated with the best new emerging talent and useful resources within the indie industry to help you become heard. We're continually gaining new insights, tips and resources to benefit our musicians!  Drop Us a Line for More >>