About The E.T.A.

Every musician’s main dream is to simply be heard, and eventually from there be heard by the right people to make it in the industry. Well in this technological age there are more opportunities to become heard, however with that the industry has been flooded with talent and you need to set yourself apart from the herd. With this being said it’s all about your public persona, in a simple glance people need to fall in love with your sound and image.

The Emerging Talent Agency has been formed to sift through the immense amount of talent out there in the independent music industry and bring the best talent to the forefront. Not only do we present you with the best new emerging talent, but we have the connections and resources to promote this talent on a larger scale to help them become heard.

Some of these emerging artists and bands can be diamonds in the rough that just need to be polished up to improve the image and overall sound bringing out their full potential as musicians. This can be the difference between aspiring artists whom don’t make it in a difficult industry, and successful musicians being signed to big labels, finally receiving the accolades deserved!

Serious Musicians. Serious Exposure.

Take It To The Next Level