Indie Campaign

It’s hard to stand out of the crowd now a day’s with millions of artists fighting for the same spots in indie magazines, radio, labels and other promotional outputs. You have to continually submit your music and press kits to these indie resources in hopes of being accepted to try to become heard. It take’s tons of time and research to find these connections, and to submit yourself, taking away from your time to work on what truly matters… your music!

We have already done the research, already work with a lot of these indie resources, and are now providing “Indie Campaigns” to artists and bands. Now you can take advantage of our years in the industry, our connections, and receive the ultimate exposure to become heard without the stress of marketing yourself.

Professional Music Campaign & Representation

You Will Receive:

  • Professional Representation
    • Press release created for you
    • Recommended to our connections
    • Access to all of our indie connections
    • Also’s connections
    • Higher chance of being accepted
  • More Time For Your Music!
    • Don’t spend all day researching for the best indie promoters, we did for you
    • Spend your valuable time making music!
  • Social Marketing
    • Through our Twitter/Facebook
    • Our partners MuzicNotez pages
    • The pages of wherever you’re accepted to

Begin Your Campaign

We will create a professional press release for you promoting you as a whole or anything specific you’d like. Than we will submit this release to 50 of our top indie partners representing you, and recommending that you are promoted within their networks. We will also promote you through all of ours/MuzicNotez networks and personally work to promote you throughout all of our resources.


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(Examples of elite indie resources whom we submit you to)

Now you’re just minutes away from having us creating a professional press release for you, and submitting it to our affiliates with our representation of you. By being represented by a trusted friend in the industry, you’ll have a higher chance of being accepted and additionally promoted amongst the leading indie promoters, radio stations and labels.